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Two thruses made a nest in the strangest place

By Sara McMahon

  • A strange place for a nest. A pair of thruses made their nest in a bicycle basket. Screenshot from

Sóley Sigursveinsdóttir from Fáskrúðsfjörður, East Iceland, was taken by surprise when she arrived back home after a week long holiday and saw that a pair of thrushes had made their nest in her bicycle basket.

“The bicycle was parked out on the veranda while I went on holiday. The day after I arrived home I went out to tend the garden and noticed the nest in the basket. There are four eggs in it,” Sóley said in an interview with news website

Sóley continues to explain that she decided to let the nest be and that she and the female thrust have become good friends.

“It’s a good excuse not having to ride the bicycle this summer,” she concludes.  

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