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Two members of ICE-SAR manning a road closure taken to hospital after being hit by car

By Staff

  • Road closure The driver failed to see the ICE-SAR truck which was parked across the road with warning lights turned on. Photo/Jóhann K. Jóhansson

Two members of ICE-SAR who were manning a road closure on Hellisheiði heath were struck by a driver earlier this morning. Both men, and the driver of the vehicle who caused the accident were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. "They are a bit bruised and battered", a spokesman for ICE-SAR told the National Broadcasting Service. 

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The accident took place at intersection of the Ring Road and Þrengslin mountain pass just east of Reykjavík. The IRCA closed down the Ring Road from Reykjavík to South Iceland earlier this morning due to dangerous conditions. A severe winter storm front is passing over South Iceland. The storm is expected to quiet down by noon. Roads could then be re-opened early afternoon.

ICE-SAR, which mans road closures due to weather or other emergencies, had not installed a roadblock on the road, but had parked a large mountain truck with blue emergency lights across the road. The driver appears not to have seen the truck and its the lights, or was unable to stop his car in time and struck the truck. 

Roads are closed for a reason
ICE-SAR urges drivers to show caution and respect closures. Too many drivers seem to believe that road closures only apply to others, believing that having experience driving in winter conditions or driving a 4x4 should grant them an excemption from the closure. According to the Police and ICE-SAR locals and visitors alike have been guilty of this reckless behavior. ICE-SAR points out that roads are always closed for a reason. It takes much longer to re-open roads if drivers get stuck.

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