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Two hundred thousand guests participated in Reykjavík Culture Night festivities on Saturday

By Staff

  • The fireworks The fireworks display began at 23:00. Photo/City of Reykjavík

On Satuday Reykjavík celebrated Culture Night, an annual festival of cultural festivities which start at noon and continue into the night. According to the Metropolitan Police the festivities went well, with very few serious incidences or arrests. Nearly 200,000 people are estimated to have participated in the day's events.

Some late night revelers still asleep in police cells late Sunday afternoon
The highlight of the day's events was a fireworks display over the old harbour at 23:00. Police says that the traffic out of the city proceeded smoothly after the fireworks. 

According to the City of Reykjavík the total cost of the festivities was very limited, as most of the staff are volunteers or employees of private businesses which participate by organizing events. The total cost was less than 20 million ISK (190,000 USD/161,000 EUR). 

While most families with children left the city center after the fireworks display many stayed on at downtown bars partying into the night. Some of these late night revelers had a bit too many drinks, and had to spend the night in a police cell. Cells at police stations in the Metropolitan Area were full, as people were offered the chance to sleep off the drink. According to the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service many of these guests were still sound asleep late Sunday afternoon.

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