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Truckloads of gravel dumped on Gullfoss walking paths after heavy rains turn paths into mud

By Staff

  • That's better The paths after new gravel was added. Photo/Icelandic Environment agency

Heavy rains last week had made the walking paths by Gullfoss waterfall into nearly impassable due to muddy conditions. Local guides and conservationists worried that visitors were starting to walk on the delicate vegetation outside the paths to escape the mud, thus threatening to trample down the vegetation and ultimately turn the entire area into one giant mud-plain. 

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The Icelandic Environment Agency responded immediately by ordering six truckloads of gravel to be added to the walking paths. According to an announcement from The Environment Agency of Iceland the gravel should be enough to protect the paths for the time being.

New heated paths being constructed
In an interview with the local newspaper Morgunblaðið a spokesman for the agency said the walking paths had been strengthened two years ago, but a combination of growing numbers of visitors and heavy rains in the past days had overwhelmed the paths. 

He said the gravel which was added last week is only a stopgap measure to protect the environment while the agency works on a more permanent solution, including new paths with drains. The most used part of the path will be made from concrete and fitted with geothermal heating to melt snow and ice. The viewing deck will also being re-built and new fences to be installed to ensure the safety of visitors.

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