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Travellers stubbornly refuse to respect warning signs, venture onto closed Kirkjufjara beach

By Staff

  • Stubbornly ignoring the warnings Police in South Iceland and local authorities don't have the funding to post a permanent guard to ensure the safety of travellers who ignore all warnings. Photo/Jóhann K. Jóhansson.

After yesterday's tragic accident at Kirkjufjara beach, when a 47 year old German woman died after being swept to sea, the Icelandic Environment Agency decided to close the beach. The decision was made to ensure safety of travellers, as conditions at the beach are still too dangerous, the agency determined.

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However, guides and other eye witnesses who have been at the beach report that travellers ignore the closing and continue to venture down into the beach. The photo above was taken by a local photographer which shows travellers on the wrong side of a police ribbon set up to indicate the beach has been closed. 

warning sign Reynisfjara beach

The warning signs New signs were installed at Reynisfjara beach following a 2016 drowning of a Chinese traveller. 

Last year a 40 year old Chinese traveller drowned at Reynisfjara beach after he was swept to the sea. New warning signs were posted at the beach, and police maintained a permanent guard at the beach for several weeks. Despite repeated warnings some travellers continued to venture far too close to the surf, leaving Police and ICE-SAR members at a loss as how to ensure the safety of travellers. 

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The behaviour of some of these travellers left Police stunned. Shortly after the 2016 fatal accident Police stopped two men who thought it was a good idea to go for a swim in the ocean on Reynisfjara beach. The two men seemed "completely oblivious to the dangers" according to police. Foreign travellers have been rescued on several occasions after getting into danger when the powerful waves knocked them down, threatening to drag them to sea. 

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