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Travellers reclaim luggage stolen at Keflavík Airport, thief escaped

By Staff

  • Don't leave your luggage unattended You should never leave your belongings uattended, even in Iceland. Crime does happen, even if it is rare. Photo/Eyþór

Two passengers who were travelling through Keflavík Airport last week had the extremely unpleasant experience of having all their luggage stolen from them. When the people realized their luggage was missing they immediately contacted the police. The suitcases and bags were missing, and the person who had taken them had disappeared.

Only a short while later, Police received a call from a local resident who had noticed a man acting suspiciously inside som bushes by a walking path not far from the airport. When he had gotten closer to check what the man was doing he ran off, leaving behind a pile of luggage.

Police at Keflavík Airport put two and two together, retrieved the luggage which had been found in the bushes, and returned it to its rightful owners.

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