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Traveller in critical condition after trying to evade paying Taxi fare by jumping out of car

By Staff

  • The former US Naval Base at Keflavík The accident took place on the road to Keflavík Airport, near the US Naval Base. Photo/Heiða.

A foreign traveller in his late 30s is in critical condition after jumping from a cab near Keflavík Airport. The man, who is a Chinese national, opened the passenger door of the taxi cab and jumped out of the vehicle when he realized he did not have money to pay for the fare. The car was driving at a speed of 40 kmh (29 mph) when the man jumped out. The man suffered critical head injuries in the accident, and was taken to the National University Hospital where he is kept unconscious until his condition improves.

The incidence took place at 23:00 in the evening of Monday August 28, but was only reported over the weekend. According to the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service the man has undergone an operation, but that he suffered a very serious head injury and is still in critical condition. The man's family, which is in China, have been contacted. 

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