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Travelers pay big fine for brief off-roading "adventure" on Dyrhóley peninsula

By Staff

  • Dyrhóley The people were stopped by Police near the lighthouse, at the tip of the peninsula. Photo/Haraldur Guðjónsson

A group of foreign travelers were fined nearly 300,000 Icelandic krona (2,900 USD/2,500 EUR) for off-road driving on Dyrhóley island in South Iceland. The people, who were driving two cars, had driven nearly 100 meters (330 ft) out onto the vegetation on the island when Police stopped the people.

According to the Police in South Iceland the group was driving on Háey, the main part of Dyrhóley peninsula, where the lighthouse is located. The people were close to the lighthouse when they were stopped.

"The people were processed in the proper manner by the officers and in accordance with their violation of the ban on off-road driving. They were fined close to 300,000 Icelandic krona for the violation," the official statement from the Police in South Iceland reads.

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