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Traveler airlifted to Reykjavík after accident at Skógafoss waterfall

By Staff

  • Skógafoss waterfall One of Iceland's most beautiful waterfalls, and a popular stop on the Ring Road in South Iceland. Photo/Vilhelm

The Coast Guard sent one of its rescue helicopters to pick up an injured traveler at Skógafoss waterfall late yesterday evening. The traveler, a woman, had fallen and required immediate emergency evacuation.

The Coast Guard received the request shortly after nine yesterday evening. The helicopter was in the air at 21:11 (9:11 pm), and landed at Landspítalinn, the National University Hospital in Reykjavík shortly before 23:00. It is not clear from reports whether the woman's injuries were critical. According to the National Broadcasting Service the Coast Guard was unable to give any further information about the woman or the nature of her injuries. She is currently being attended to at Landspítalinn.

Too many visitors at Skógafoss take unnecessary risks
In recent months local guides and Nature Rangers have on numerous occasions expressed concern that visitors at Skógafoss waterfall are taking unnecessary risks when trying to capture photos of the waterfall, climbing up into the cliffs.

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We at Iceland Magazine stress that we are in no way suggesting the woman is to blame for the accident, and we wish her a swift and full recovery. But accidents can always happen, as this story reminds us, even when you follow all the rules and show all reasonable caution, but reckless behavior or unnecessary risk-taking drastically increases the propability of accidents: Please, show caution, stay on the path and don't venture too close to cliffs!

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