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Travel plans upset as many travellers unaware Ring Road is closed in S.E. Iceland due to floods

By Staff

  • Flooding One of the farms which has been cut off from the Ring Road and the rest of the country is the largest dairy farm in Iceland, Flatey á Mýrum. Photo/Inga Strumpf

The floods in South East Iceland did not only upset the vacations of travellers who were left stranded in the affected areas, as they continue to disrupt travel plans of visitors who had planned to travel to East Iceland. ICE-SAR units on duty in the areas in South East Iceland affected by last week‘s flooding have had to turn around large numbers of foreign travellers who are unaware that the Ring Road has been closed between the rivers Steinavöð and Hólmsá.

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Travellers unaware of the floods
Elín Freyja Hauksdóttir, the commander of the regional ICE-SAR company, Björgunarfélag Hornafjarðar, told the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service RÚV that some of these travellers were coming from guesthouses and hotels in the immediate vicinity of the flooded areas, but had not received any word that they were heading into areas which had been hit by torrential rains and flooding, or that the Ring Road was closed:

"We have been extremely surprised how many people we have turned away, even travellers who had been staying at guesthouses or hotels here in the area, but are nonetheless completely oblivious as to what they are getting into. I would have assumed guesthouses and hotels would do a better job of informing their guests of what‘s going on and giving them directions and advice."

We at Iceland Magazine would like to urge all travellers in Iceland to keep up-to-date on road and weather condition. Last week‘s floods in South East Iceland remind us that the elements in Iceland can be both unforgiving and unpredictable.

Largest dairy farm in Iceland isolated by the floods
The Ring Road has been closed between Steinavöð river in the west to Hólabrekka farm in the east. The Coast Guard has flown supplies to the 25 farms which were cut off due to the flooding, while 120 foreign travellers who were left stranded were airlifted to safety.

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Elín told RÚV that ICE-SAR is currently working to ensure that the rural population in the area has access to basic services. A vetenerian was flown to Flatey á Mýrum, one of the farms affected by the flood. Flatey is the largest dairy farm in Iceland.

Engineers and road crews from the Icelandic Road and Coastal Authority have been repairing the road, re-opening a road connection to the farms which had been cut off. However, the Ring Road will remain closed for the remainder of the week as the bridge over Stainavöð river was badly damaged by the flood. The IRCA has deemd the bridge dangerously unsafe, closing it to all traffic. A new temporary bridge is being constructed, but will not be completed until Sunday at the earliest. In the meantime the town of Höfn and entire East Iceland can only be reached by the Ring Road from the north.


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Friday the IRCA announced that repairs to the road and bridges damaged by the flood would not be finished until next weekend: Ring Road in SE Iceland will remain closed until end of next week


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