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Travel alert: Swelling rivers in E. Iceland due to heavy rain. Ring Road re-opened in Berufjörður

By Staff

  • The worst stretch of the Ring Road The road in Berufjörður in the East Fjords is an old gravel road. Photo/Friðrik Árnason-Loftmyndir

Travellers are advised to show extra caution while driving in East Iceland today, as torrential rains over night and during the morning have caused rivers to swell and small creeks and small streams have turned into raging rivers. The Ring Road has been overflown at some points, creating dangerous conditions. The Icelandic Meteorological Office has also warned of an increased likelihood of rock- and mudslides in South East and East Iceland.

The Ring Road in Berufjörður fjord, north of the village Djúpivogur, was closed to traffic early morning after it was flooded. The road has been re-opened, but drivers are asked to show extra caution and drive slowly. 

The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service reports that all farms in Berufjörður are without power, after a power pylon collapsed due to heavy wind and rain.

Berufjörður fjord: The worst stretch of the Ring Road
This is the second time this autumn that travellers are asked to show extra caution while driving in East Iceland. Last week the first major storm of autumn washed away a part of the shoulder of the Ring Road in Berufjörður. 

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Berufjörður fjord is one of the longer stretches of unpaved road along the Ring Road. The road is in very poor condition, due to lack of maintenance. This spring locals, residents of the village of Djúpivogur and farmers in Berufjörður, staged mass protests on the road to demand action. The protesters closed down the road on several occasions to press their demand. Following the protests the government pledged extra funds to pay for the paving of the road in Berufjörður.


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