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Traumatized by horse meat in Iceland Kim Kardashian now claims she only ate French fries

By Staff

  • A diet of French Fries? At least Kim Kardashian had the courage to eat some Icelandic foods. Bill and Melinda Gates brought all food, even the drinking water, with them when they visited Iceland. Photo/screenshot from video, see below.

Kim Kardashian travelled to Iceland in April with her husband, pop-star and entrepreneur Kanye West. The couple, and their large entourage visited  several popular tourist destinations, in South Iceland, toured the Golden Circle, and took a stroll around downtown Reykjavík, visiting upscale restaurants like Grillmarkaðurinn, as well as the super-popular downtown hot-dog stand.

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While attending the Met Gala on Monday the couple was asked about their trip to Iceland and the foods they ate during the stay. The reporter asked what people eat in Iceland, “Yak or deer?” Kim added two more options, “horse or reindeer”, and when she was asked what reindeer tastes like she answered “I stuck with French fries”.

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This, of course, is not true. According to reports and eye witnesses, Kim did order a hot-dog in downtown Reykjavík, as well as locally grown vegetables, including tomatoes at Friðheimar farm in South Iceland. However, it could be that her shock and horror of discovering horse meat on the menu at Grillmarkaðurinn restaurant.



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