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Trash collection service in N. Iceland pleads with cannabis manufacturers: Please recycle!

By Staff

  • A cannabis farm Police in North Iceland busted several large scale growing operations in and around the town of Akureyri this past winter. Photo/Stefán Karlsson

Cannabis manufacturers in the town of Akureyri in North Iceland are being asked to show greater environmental awareness and recycle the trash generated in the manufacturing of marijuana plants.

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A note published on the website of Gámaþjónusta Norðurlands, which operates trash dumpsters and collects trash in North Iceland appealed to cannibas manufacters to follow the rules on the recycling dumpsetrs and trash dumps. According to the note the staff of the trash collection company received a " rather unpleasant delivery" on March 15

"the refuse from a cannabis manufacturing operation had all been mixed together and stuffed into several black plastic trash bags, and then dumped into a recycling container for cardboard. This is just unacceptable in the "recycling town" of Akureyri."

The note goes on to offer cannabis manufacterers guidelines on how to recycle their trash:

  • "Stems and cut-offs from the plants go into the organic trash
  • Boxes which contain plastic bags or rubber gloves should go with the cardboard
  • Rubber gloves and air-filter piping should go with the general rubbish
  • All plastics go into the plastics container."


The note, which is signed by the station manager, explains that he has contacted the police, which was unable to find anything in the bags to connect them to any individual or address, "so, it appears I can't complain directly to those responsible."

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