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Traffic restrictions in Dyrhólaey to protect nesting seabirds: All traffic banned at night

By Staff

  • Dramatic view Dyrhólaey seen from Mýrdalssandur black sand beach. Photo/Vilhelm

In an effort to protect nesting seabirds the Icelandic Environment Agency has imposed limits on traffic in Dyrhólaey Nature Reserve. Visitors to the peninsula can ONLY stay on marked walking paths or roads. All traffic is banned between seven at night and nine in the morning. The traffic restrictions will be in effect until June 25.

The decision to limit traffic in Dyrhólaey is based on the recommendations in a recent report on the status of the bird colonies in the Nature Reserve.

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The view of the black sand beaches, the rich birdlife and the dramatic rock formations of the cliffs make Dyrhólaey peninsula a popular stop among people traveling along the South Coast. Unfortunately some visitors have refused to behave in a civilized manner while enjoying the natural beauty. Over the weekend Police stopped a group of travelers who had driven their two vehicles off the road, ploughing into the delicate vegetation. Such behavior is both damaging to the plantlife and disruptive for the birds who nest on the peninsula.

We at Iceland Magazine would like to urge visitors to Dyrhólaey to respect the traffic restrictions during the next seven weeks. You should always stay on the marked paths, and make every effort not to disturb nature. 

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