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Torrential rains threaten to cut Ring road in Berufjörður fjord in E. Iceland in half

By Staff

  • Running in the rain The first storms of autumn have hit, claiming their first victim: The Ring Road. Photo/Anton Brink.

The first autumn storm of this year is currently pummeling South East and East Iceland with heavy winds and rain, causing rivers to swell. The Ring Road in Berufjörður fjord in East Iceland has been badly damaged by the rain. The shoulder has been washed away on a long stretch of the road, leaving one of its two lanes impassable.

The Icelandic Meteorological Office has issued a weather warning for today, advising people that rivers are likely to swell due to heavy rain. A storm, with sustained wind speeds in excess of 20 m/s (44.7 mph) and individual wind gusts in excess of 40 m/s (49.5 mph) can be expected in South East Iceland. Travellers are warned that RVs, motor homes and cars pulling travel caravans can be blown off the road. 

The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service reports that the Ring Road in Berufjörður has also been badly damaged by the heavy rain. An old drainage pipe running beneath the road has been unable to handle the downpour, causing the rain to wash away much of the shoulder on a stretch of the road, leaving one of the two lanes impassable.

The farmer at Núpur in Berufjörður has parked a tractor with blinking lights on the road to alert drivers to the danger. The Road and Coastal Administration has dispatched a team to attempt emergency repairs.

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