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Three women, all foreign travellers, suffer broken bones in accidents in South Iceland

By Staff

  • Kerið crater lake The walking paths at popular tourist destinations have been taking their toll in recent years, leaving visitors with broken legs or arms. Photo/Vilhelm.

Police in South Iceland responded to a number of minor accidents involving travellers in the past week. The victims, all women, were taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital where they were attended to. No serious accidents were recorded. 

According to the police diary of the Police in South Iceland one of the accidents involved a woman who fell from a horse while on a horse riding tour by Svínafell farm in Öræfasveit district in South East Iceland. The woman who broke her leg in the fall was taken by hospital to the town Höfn í Hornafirði. A second female traveller suffered a broken leg when she slipped and fell on a walking path by Kerið crater lake on the Golden Circle, and the third fell and broke her arm on the parking lot by Skógafoss waterfall.

Police in South Iceland responded to one injury involving a local: A farmer was pinned between his tractor and a piece of farm equipment while working on his barley field. The man suffered injuries to his chest and was airlifted by the Coast Guard to the National University Hospital in Reykjavík.

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