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Thanks to seat belts nobody was injured in an accident involving tour bus on Ring Road

By Staff

  • At the scene Initial news of the accident suggested a serious incidence with several injuries. Thanks to seatbelts nobody was seriously injured. Photo/Árnessýsla fire department

Yesterday evening shortly after 22:00 (10:00 pm) the driver of a small tour bus carrying foreign travellers returning from a tour in South Iceland lost control of the vehicle which ended up on the shoulder off the road. Nobody was hurt in the accident which took place on the Ring Road near Ingólfsfjall mountain between the towns of Selfoss and Hveragerði.  

Bus accident Ingólfsfjall

The bus Police and first responders feared the worst. Photo/Árnessýsla fire department

The bus, which was carrying six foreign travellers, landed on its side in a ditch next to the road.

Initial news of the accident suggested a serious incidence, and the Police in South Iceland called for the assistance of the Coast Guard helicopter to transport injured people to Reykjavík. When Police and first responders arrived at the scene it became clear the accident was not as serious as initially believed.

The bus suffered some minor damage in the accident and the driver of the bus was taken by ambulance to hospital in Reykjavík, but none of the passengers were injured. According to the local news site Vísir the reason the passengers were unharmed was that they were all wearing seatbelts.

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