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Ten travellers injured, three airlifted to hospital after bus accident on Snæfellsnes

By Staff

  • Airlifted to Reykjavík Three travellers were airlifted by the Icelandic Coast Guard. Photo/Ernir

A small tour bus, carrying 20 foreign travellers, landed on its side after the driver lost control of the vehicle on the main road around Snæfellsnes peninsula in West Iceland.

Ten travellers injured
According to the National Broadcasting Service ten travellers in total were injured in the accident, including three who suffered more serious injuries and were airlifted by the Coast Guard to Reykjavík where their injuries are being treated. Their condition or the severity of their injuries has not been released by the authorities. 

Seven travellers, who had suffered less serious injuries and were taken by ambulance to hospitals in Reykjavík and the town of Akranes, where their injuries are attended to. A second bus, which arrived at the scene shortly after the accident, ferried the rest of the passengers to their hotels.

Extremely difficult conditions
The accident took place at 17:28 on Sunday afternoon near the farm Lýsuhóll on the southern coast of Snæfellsnes peninsula. Conditions at the site were extremely bad when the accident took place, gale force winds, ice and snow. According to information from the police the road was classy with ice where the accident took place. 

All available units from the Police in West Iceland were dispatched to the scene, as well as a Coast Guard helicopter, as it was feared some of the injured would have to be flown to Reykjavík. The road was closed for more than an hour, while the scene of the accident was cleared and the bus moved from the site. 

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