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The Telegraph names Reykjavík as one of 20 greatest cities for an autumn break

By Staff

  • The Northern Lights Capital One of the reasons you should visit Reykjavík: You have great seats to one of mother nature's greatest displays. Photo/Snorri Þór Tryggvason.

The Northern Lights, Iceland Airwaves music festival and the coziness of Reykjavík cafés are some of the things that make Reykjavík one of the greatest cities to visit in the autumn, according to the UK newspaper The Telegraph. The Northern Lights capital shares the list with nineteen other cities, including some of the greatest metropolises of Europe, and popular tourist destinations like Dubrovnik and Venice.

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The list of the 20 greatest cities to visit in the fall includes Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bruges, Berlin, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dubrovnik, Edinburgh, Florence, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Marrakech, Paris, Prague, Rome, Seville, Venice and Vienna. And of course Reykjavík:

There are many great reasons to visit Reykjavik in autumn. For one thing the crowds are thinner, but it’s also the season where prices for hotels and car hire fall, the coziness of the city’s cafés and bars begins to emerge, and there’s more chance of seeing the Northern Lights too. Don’t miss The City Being exhibition at Nordic House (; until Nov 5), which explores various aspects of our modern cities, with Reykjavik as the main focus, or visit during the annual Airwaves music festival (; Nov 1-5) which showcases new Icelandic and international talent.

We at Iceland Magazine agree. While there is really no "off-season" in Iceland any more there are significantly fewer tourists in Reykjavík during the fall and winter. A major reason is fewer stopover passengers who take a one or two day break in Reykjavík, as well as the fact that visitors who come during these seasons tend to spend more time outside Reykjavík.

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But, as always: If you want to avoid other travellers you need to venture a bit off the beaten path, perhaps find restaurants, cafés or bars which are not situated along the busiest streets. 

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It is also true that autumn is great for Aurora hunters, but the Northern Lights are fickle, and the frequent autumn storms bring with them overcast skies. If you want to catch the Northern Lights in the Autumn you need to be patient. 

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