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Teen Vogue: Iceland is where "the next big fashion It Girls are coming from"

By Staff

  • Next It Girl Model Brynja Jónbjarnardóttir could be the next It Girl, according to Teen Vogue. Photo/Eskimo Models

Teen Vogue looked at Icelandic women’s fashion and interviewed four aspiring models about their individual style. The piece, titled “This is where all the Next Big Fashion It Girls are Coming From” and features interviews with models Brynja Jónbjarnardóttir, Kolfinna Kristófersdóttir, Anna Jia and Bríet Ólína, claims that “Icelandic girls, do wear and say whatever they want”.

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According to Bríet Ólína, “the city’s chicest keep it low-key, but with a twist”, saying that Icelandic girls “love white sneakers, jeans, a big fur in the wintertime… and fanny packs!” She goes on to describe the fanny pack as “the biggest year-round trend”.

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Anna Jia, who spends her time “between modelling in Reykjavik and working in China during her year off school, where she’s also studying to take exams to get into med school”, says people are not to miss the Iceland Airwaves music festival in November. Iceland is obsessed with music. You should definitely check out local bands Dream Wife and Kiasmos.” 

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