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Tasty treats down by the harbour in Höfn

By Sara McMahon

  • A lovely view. Pakkhúsið restaurant in Höfn overlooks the town's harbour. Photo/Pakkhúsið

Halldór Halldórsson is the owner and head-chef of Pakkhúsið restaurant in the town of Höfn on the south east coast of Iceland. The restaurant opened for business in the beginning of June 2012 and is located in an old building set overlooking the town’s harbour. Originally the building was used as a ware-house (pakkhús =ware-house), then later it housed a maritime museum before eventually being turned into a restaurant.

 “During daytime we serve lighter courses but shift gear when evening approaches. The restaurant is open from May until the end of September each year. During the winter months we host a variety of events, such as concerts, private parties and Christmas dinners,” explains Halldór.

The chef’s main focus is on creating delicious dishes from local produce; One of them being locally caught langoustine, renowned for its exquisite taste.

“My favourite produce is fresh fish caught the same day. I love cooking different types of fish and experimenting with how they respond to different cooking methods.” 

Pakkhúsið restaurant offers tasty dishes made from local produce. Photo/Pakkhúsið


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