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Support for whaling continues to drop: Only 34% of Icelanders now in support

By Staff

  • A Humpback jumping Icelanders have not hunted humpacks for decades. Photo/Hauganes Whale Watching

Support for whaling continues to drop among Icelanders, a new poll reveals: Only 34% now support continued commercial whaling. Uneducated middle-aged and older men with below average incomes are most likely to support whaling. 

The poll, which was conducted by the polling firm MMR found that 34% of Icelanders say they are opposed to whaling, 34% say they are in support, while 31% say they are neither in support nor opposed. Support for whaling has been dropping in recent years. As recently as five years ago a solid majority of Icelanders supported whaling: A 2013 poll found that 60% of Icelanders supported whaling, while only 18% opposed it.

The MMR poll reveals that support for whaling decreases with higher incomes and more education. Younger people and women are also more likely to oppose whaling. Only 25% of people with college degrees support whaling, while 47% oppose it. Support for whaling is also significantly lower among the voters of the center-left parties. The voters of the Social Democratic Alliance are least likely to support whaling: only 15% of Social Democrats are in favor while a solid 59% oppose whaling.

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