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Summer finally arrived! Campsites in North and East Iceland filled to capacity

By Staff

  • No empty spots left The campsites in Akureyri were filled to capacity over the weekend. Photo/Ásgeir

Campers in North Iceland had trouble finding spots to pitch their tents over the weekend, as locals flocked to the region to chase the sun and summer weather. After a rainy and overcast spring and summer Icelanders took advantage of the unusually good weather in North and North East Iceland over the weekend to go camping. Campsites in Akureyri had to turn away campers after every single spot had been occupied by RVs, camper vans and tents.

Campers should always check ahead of time for availability
The local Scout troop, which operates the two campsites in Akureyri, told the local news site Vísir that the sites had not seen a similar crowd since 2004. At least three thousand people camped in Akureyri over the weekend. Both campsites had to close their gates to new campers shortly before ten in the evening on Friday night. People who arrived at the campsites were sent off to find camping further away from Akureyri.

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The campground operators point out that the sites tend to see large crowds during weekends when the weather is good, but that last weekend set new records, not least due to the unusually warm temperatures. Temperatures in North Iceland topped 27°C (80°F) on Saturday. A significant portion of the campers were residents of Reykjavík hoping to escape the rainy and overcast conditions of the capital.

As weekend campers have been heading back home both campsites now have plenty of available spots, but campers are still advised to check ahead of time for availability at campsites, especially when the weather is particularly good. 

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