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Summer ad for 66°N filmed between sky-high snow banks

By Staff

  • The clothes are from 66°N. Photo/Daníel Atlason 66°N

  • Men at work. Photo/Daníel Atlason 66N

For eight months per year, the road to Mjóifjörður is closed. Whilst a snowblower worked its way through the huge piles of snow a team from outdoor clothing company 66°N seized the opportunity to shoot some photos for their new summer line.

The snow banks surrounding the road to Mjóifjörður are up to 6 meters tall (19.6 feet) and the road is closed annually throughout the course of winter. Only 35 people live in Mjóifjörður and it can be said for certain that the snowblower is the residents’ first sign of spring. 

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