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Stunning 360°panorama from Mývatn lake wins 2nd prize in international drone contest

By Staff

  • An amazing view A flat projection of the panorama of the "hidden lakes" on Mývatn's western edge Photo/Paul Oostveen

A beautiful panorama of the small lakes and ponds on the western edge of lake Mývatn in North Iceland won the 2nd prize in the category 360° photos by professionals in an international contest for drone photography. The phote, taken by Dutch photographer Paul Oostveen is a panorama of the dozens of small lakes near the western edge of lake Mývatn was taken at an altitude of 118 meters (390 feet), offering a stunning view of the Myvatn region from the air.

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The Skypixel Photo Contest is an annual contest for selecting the best drone photos of the year. For the contest 2016, more than 27.000 entries were submitted by photographers from 131 countries. The category consists of aerial 360° panoramas which allows you to look in all directions, giving you a sense you are actually transported to the place where the photo is taken.

Paul calls the photo "Hidden lakes in 360°", because most of the lakes are not visible from the road. To watch a 360° panorama is to visit the full panorama here, where you can look around in all directions (click/tap and drag) as well as zoom in or out (scroll wheel or finger swipe).

More photos of Iceland (made from the ground as well as photos of the Holuhraun eruption from a helicopter) can be found at the website of Annie van Deursen & Paul Oostveen Photography.  

Hidden lakes, Mývatn

"Hidden lakes" A "tiny planet" projection of the panorama of the lakes west of Mývatn, Photo/Paul Oostveen



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