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Stricter camping rules: camping on public lands will soon be illegal in South Iceland

By Staff

  • Is that a designated campground? Soon travellers in S. Iceland will no longer be able to pitch their tents anywhere they like on public lands. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson.

Camping outside designated campgrounds will soon be illegal in South Iceland. Fourteen municipalities in South Iceland are currently working on a joint ordinance banning travellers from staying overnight in tents, camper vans or RVs, except on designated campgrounds. Currently this ban only applies to urban areas.

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Current rules permit travellers to camp on public lands outside urban areas, or to sleep in camper vans and RVs on parking lots and rest stops. Camping on private property is, of course, banned except with the permission of the landowner. 

Travellers should, of course, camp or park their RVs and camper vans at campgrounds, whether or not it is required by law: Campgrounds offer running water and electricity, trash bins, as well as public facilities such as bathrooms.

One of the primary reasons the municipalities in South Iceland are cracking down on RVs or camper vans and camping outside campgrounds, are concerns that these campers are leaving trash behind, as well as human waste and toilet paper.

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