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Storm watch: At least six cars blown off Ring Road west of the village Vík in S. Iceland

By Staff

  • Blown off the road Members of ICE-SAR company Björgunarfélag Hornafjarðar (The Hornafjörður Rescue Team) assisting a driver. Photo/Björgunarfélag Hornafjarðar

At least six cars have been blown off the Ring Road west of the village Vík in South Iceland. The road around Reynisfjall mountain, the small mountain which separates Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach and the village of Vík, is one of the most perilous in South Iceland. No injuries have been reported.

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Reynisfjall 13.feb.18

Conditions on Reynisfjall The IRCA web cam on Reynisfjall doesn't do the storm justice Photo/IRCA

Despite the dangerous conditions the road has not been closed to traffic. In addition to the powerful winds the road is covered with snow and icy patches. Localized winds and individual wind gusts have exceeded 30 m/s (67 mph). Drivers should show caution.

The National Broadcasting Service RÚV reports that members of the local ICE SAR company have been busy all morning assisting travellers and homeowners in Vík as well as farmers in the nearby areas deal with the storm. In addition to terrorizing drivers the storm has blown roofs off houses. 15 members of Björgunarfélag Hornafjarðar, on three mountain trucks have been on duty since early morning. 

The ICE-SAR commander in charge of the operations told RÚV that conditions around Vík are far from ideal for travel. The combination of violent winds and extremely icy roads means people should not be out on the road unless absolutely necessary. He told RÚV that the violent winds have even pushed stationary cars off the road. 

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