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Storm warning: Roads closed in E. Iceland, Ring-Road between East, North Iceland impassable

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  • Blizzard, avalanches and impassable roads The storm, which brings with it snowfall and colder temperatures, will make travel in South, East and North East Iceland difficult if not impossible today. Photo/IRCA

Travellers are advised to show caution today and tomorrow, the Icelandic Meteorological Office and the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration urge.  The Icelandic Meteorological Office has issued a storm warning for East Iceland today. Severe gale with wind speeds exceeding 20 m/s (44.7 mph). Windgusts with winds reaching 30-40 m/s (67-89 mph) can be expected along mountains in S.E. Iceland

Impassable and closed roads
The Icelandic Road and Coastal Authority has also issued a travel warning for today, warning of ice and heavy snow on parts of the ring road in East and North East Iceland. The road to Siglufjörður town in East Iceland has been closed due to avalanches and . A large section of the ring road in E Iceland is impassable, and the road connecting North and East Iceland has been closed.

The roads to the towns of Siglufjörður in North Iceland and Seyðisfjörður in East Iceland have been closed due to danger of avalanches. 

Travellers can expect ice on most of the ring-road.

Ice and snow on ring road
Drivers are advised to look out for ice and slick conditions on roads today. Hellisheiði heath, between Reykjavík and South Iceland is icy, as is Holtavörðuheiði heath, between West and North Iceland.

The ring road in South Iceland is slick or icy, requiring extra caution. Driving conditions Roads in North Iceland are difficult due to heavy snowfall and blowing snow. 

Road conditions 11.1.16

Road conditions Mývatnsöræfi, the section of the Centrla Highlands between East and North Iceland, are closed to all traffic. Many other major roads in East Iceland are similarly closed to traffic. Photo/IRCA


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