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Storm Warning for North West, South East and parts of South Iceland today, Christmas day

By Staff

  • Severe weather warning The Icelandic Meteorological Office warns that today, Christmas Day, a violent storm is scheduled to pass over large parts of Iceland. Photo/Vilhelm

The Icelandic Meteorological Office has issued a weather warning for all of Sout-East and North of Iceland, and parts of South Iceland, effective today Sunday. A deep low pressure zone which crosses over the country will bring with it strong winds.

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A strong gale, with northeast 18-25 m/s (40-56 mph) winds are expected in the northwest part, but 10-18 (22-40 mph) elsewhere. The IMO is expecting snowfall in most of Iceland, but sleet at the coast in the north and east. Tonight the weather will have calmed down somewhat, with 13-18 m/s (29-40 mph) in the southern part, and snowfall, but 18-23 m/s (29-51 mph) along the south coast. Temperature around freezing level.

The weather will calm further tomorrow, with less snowfall. 

For the latest on the weather, head over to the Icelandic Meteorological Office.

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