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Storm in E. Iceland: Travel trailer blown off Ring Road on Möðrudalsöræfi highland pass

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  • Storm warnings should be taken seriously! This RV was blown over by a storm on Snæfellsnes peninsula in West Iceland a couple of years ago. Photo/Police in West Iceland.

A severe weather warning is in effect for East Iceland. The Icelandic Meteorological Office warns has warned that travellers can expect a severe gale, with wind speeds exceeding 20 m/s (47 mph), accompanied with heavy or torrential rains in South East and East Iceland. Individual wind gusts can reach hurricane force, exceeding 35 m/s (78 mph). 

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Windgusts of this magnitude can be cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles. Vehciles which capture the wind, like RVs or travel trailers can even be blown off the road, and people driving RVs or traveling with camping trailers, were advised to adjust their travel plans.

A travel trailer blown off road in E. Iceland
A traveller driving with a travel trailer along the Ring Road between East Iceland and North East Iceland was unfortunate enough to prove that this warning was more than justified. The trailer was blown off the road by a powerful gust, landing on its side on the shoulder. The accident took place where the Ring Road crosses Möðrudalsörðfi, a highland plateau which is part of the Central Highlands to the north of Vatnajökull glacier.

Fortunately the driver did not lose control of the car, which remained on the road. According to information from the Police in Vopnafjörður town, which patrols the Ring Road in this area, nobody was hurt in the accident.



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