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Stood in line all night waiting for Dunkin Donuts to open

By Magnús Sveinn Helgason

  • Donut crazed At least 80 people stood in line when the first Dunkin Donuts opened its doors this morning at  9 am. Photo/Pjetur Sigurðsson.

Dunkin Donuts opened its first branch store in Iceland today at nine. However, the first customers had already arrived last night at seven with lawn chairs and fleece blankets, ready to wait the entire night.

80 people standing in line at 8 am
According to The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service the line already counted sixty people at 3 AM. Local Newspaper Morgunblaðið reported that the line had grown to eighty at 8 AM. Eye witnesses tell Iceland Magazine that the vast majority of those in line were 20 somethings and perhaps some in their early 30s, as well as a handful of teenagers and doughnut crazed adults mixed in.

50 first customers got giftcards for free donuts
One reason for the long line was that the management of the store had promised it would give the first fifty guests a gift card good for a weekly box of free donuts for a whole year.

Iceland Magazine failed to send a reporter to the scene to double check the number of people in line or to interview the prospective customers, but basic mathematics suggest (80>50) that unless some of the eighty or so who were standing in line at 8 am planned to share their box of donuts some of the early-birds might have gone home without any freebies. We can therefore speculate that some of the people in line might have been there out of sheer excitement over the first Dunkin Donuts opening in Iceland.

Considering the fact that the location only has seating for 50 some of the 80 standing lin line would not have been able to sit down to enjoy their first donut.

Love of donuts
Icelandic media did cover this historic event in quite some detail. All accounts agree that the atmosphere in the line was jovial. When the cafe opened  a man in a donut costume greeted those in line. Local news site interviewed the first person to line up, local youth Agatha Rún Karlsdóttir, who she had been introduced to Dunkin Donuts when she lived in the US. “I‘m really excited about finally getting these donuts again. They are different from Icelandic donuts, they don‘t just have caramel or chocolate. They just have more taste.”

She adds that staying in line all night had been great fun. “You got to know a lot of people who share your love of donuts.”

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