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Stay away from bottled water in Iceland: "A scheme made to get money off tourists"

By Staff

  • 3.50 USD/2.90 EUR But you can get even higher quality water free from the tap!

It's a little known fact that Reykjavík is one of few capital cities in the world that does not treat its drinking water in any way. The reason is simple: The tap water in Reykjavík is among the purest spring water available to consumers anywhere in the world. Which is also the reason you should not buy bottled water in Iceland.

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The BAFTA winning multi-instrumentalist and producer Ólafur Arnalds recently made this point on his twitter account, urging friends visiting Iceland to drink tap water and stay away from bottled water: 

"Do not buy this shit please. It's a scheme made to get money off tourists with a side-effect of a lot of plastic waste."

Ólafur is certainly correct to argue that the marketing of bottled water in Iceland has frequently become little more than a scam. 

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We at Iceland Magazine have on numerous occasions warned foreign visitors not to waste their money on bottled water. The tap water in Iceland is not only perfectly safe, it's actually cleaner than the water available to consumers in most countries. If you are concerned about global warming you should also stick to tap water which has a carbon footprint of close to zero, while bottled water generates a lot of plastic waste and leaves a significant carbon footprint.

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