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Speeding a persistent problem on highway to Keflavík Airport: Traveler going 153 kmh fined 1,000 USD

By Staff

  • Eldvörp craters Not visible from Reykjanesbraut highway, but easily accessible by car at the end of a short detour from the highway. Photo/GVA

Police in Suðurnes District cautions that people driving between Reykjavík and Keflavík Airport seem increasingly to be in a deadly hurry. Fourteen drivers have been stopped in the last couple of days for speeding on the highways patrolled by the department. 

According to the police diary a foreign traveler who was going 153 km/h (95 mph) on Reykjanesbraut, where the maximum speed is 90 km/h (56 mph), was stopped by officers who issued him with a fine of 97,500 ISK (971 USD/794 EUR). Such large fines are quite common, on Reykjanesbraut. 

We would like to remind travelers that the Ring Road and other major highways in Iceland are not designed as a high-speed motorways. Icelandic roads, with their relatively narrow lanes and no shoulders, are not made for speeding. Driving conditions are made even more challenging by the numerous single lane bridges and poor weather, as well as a view which can distract even the most determined driver.

If paying huge fines, or the danger of a car crash is not enough to stop you from speeding, perhaps the view does: All roads in Iceland are scenic drives, and the view from Reykjanesbraut and the Ring Road is just too spectacular to speed through!

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