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The sound and the smell of the sea

By Sara McMahon

  • Svanhvít Tryggvadóttir moved from the center of Reykjavík to Vesturbær six years ago. Photo/Valli

Svanhvít Tryggvadóttir, a studying folklorist, recommends a walk a long side Ægisíða when visiting Vesturbær, the west side of Reykjavík.


Name and occupation: Svanhvít Tryggvadóttir, studying folklorist
Spouse: Georg Holm, musician.
Children and/or other family members: Three daughters
Where do you live? Vesturbær, Reykjavík 101

For how long have you lived in the neighbourhood?
I moved from the center of town to Vesturbær six years ago.

What‘s the best thing about your neighbourhood?
It has everything to offer. The community is very close knit and friendly so it´s fun to go for a walk because you can be certain to meet some of your friends on the way and despite of being very central in town the neighborhood is fairly quiet.

What is a must see or do in your neighbourhood?
1. To walk or bike a long side Ægisíða (when the wether is nice) is some thing I really enjoy doing, just for the calming effect from the sound and smell of the sea and to look at the beautiful houses on the seafront. At the end it's nice to stop by at Nauthólsvík cafe for couple of drinks.

2. Kaffivagninn is a cafe that is very dear to me. It's a place that has been down by the harbor as long as I can remember and I use to go there with my dad when I was very young. It´s a must to have a coffee and "kleina" while watching the boats and the seagulls.

3. Pétursbúð is my favorite little corner shop. It is by no means the cheapest shop in town but It benefits for it´s charm and character. I think it's important to hold on to the small shops so we won't end up only with horrible mall shops. In Pétursbúð you can buy anything you need, food, cleaning products, toys or wooly gloves, you name it, they have it all packed in to 20 squermeters with a lovely service as well.

4. If the weather is nice, it's great fun to take the kids to Landakotstún so they can run around and let off some steam. It is a beautiful grassy area around the Catholic-church with a little playground as well. Take a blanket, pack a lunch and some outdoor toys and lounge about while the kids play. But this is of course a very rare thing to do in Iceland except in the peak of summer.

Ægisíða in autumn. Photo/Valli


Kaffivagninn café. Photo/Stefán Karlsson


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