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Small town museum in North Iceland is looking for a volunteer astronaut

By Matt Eliason

  • If you want to be an astronaut for the summer contact Örlygur Hnefill. Photo/Örlygur Hnefill

The Exploration Museum in Húsavík town North Iceland is looking for an employee to walk around in an astronaut suit to stir up interest for their new space exhibit. The museum’s space collection is inspired by Iceland´s role in helping American astronauts prepare for space exploration by practicing in the desolate regions of Iceland´s exotic landscape.

In an interview with Örlygur Hnefill Örlygsson, the owner of the museum, explains he was fascinated by Iceland´s influence on American space exploration and the fact that Iceland was used for practice missions to the moon. As a result, Örlygur decided to buy a US space suit to assist in the marketing campaign for his collection, and wants a new employee to chat with tourists and drum up business in the astronaut costume.

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