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Slideshow: Yesterday's rescue operation at mt. Grímsfjall in Vatnajökull glacier

By Staff

  • At the scene ICE-SAR reached the men's location at daybreak at 3:00 in the morning. Photo/Björgunarfélag Hornafjarðar

  • Mt. Grímsfjall Grímsvötn is one of the major volcanic systems buried beneath Vatnajökull Photo/Björgunarfélag Hornafjarðar

  • The location of the beacon The origin of the emergency signal in the steep hills of Grímsfjall suggested the men were in serious distress.  Photo/Björgunarfélag Hornafjarðar

  • Getting to the hikers The two hikers had sought shelter from the elements by digging themselves into the snow. Photo/Björgunarfélag Hornafjarðar

  • Wet and cold The hikers had done everything right under extreme conditions. Photo/Björgunarfélag Hornafjarðar

  • Out of the hole The men lost much of their equipment in the avalanche Photo/Björgunarfélag Hornafjarðar

  • Safe and sound 150 ICE-SAR members participated in the search. Photo/Björgunarfélag Hornafjarðar

  • The other hiker Both men were experienced hikers. Photo/Björgunarfélag Hornafjarðar

  • Safe at the cabin The rescuers and the hikers spent the remainder of the night at an emergency cabin. Photo/Björgunarfélag Hornafjarðar

  • Well earned rest The whole operation took nearly 17 hours. Photo/Björgunarfélag Hornafjarðar

Members of Björgunarfélag Hornafjarðar, one of the local companies that make up ICE-SAR, shared the above photos of yesterday's rescue operation at Vatnajökull glacier on Facebook. The two hikers, both Romanian nationals, were experienced mountaineers who had done everything correctly, according to a spokesman for ICE-SAR.

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We at Iceland Magazine salute our heroes and celebrate yet another successful rescue operation by ICE-SAR.

We would also like to use the opportunity to remind people to prepare appropriately before setting off hiking in Iceland: Be prepared for the weather and conditions to change abruptly, leave a detailed itinerary with, check travel warnings and the weather, and remember that the Central Highlands, mountain heaths and the glaciers are NOT suitable for inexperienced or poorly prepared hikers. 

ICE-SAR manned by volunteers and is fully funded by public donations. You can make a donation here.

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