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"Skol" The Minnesota Vikings make the Icelandic soccer team’s war cry their own

By Staff

  • Skol! Is written "skál" in Icelandic, "skål" in Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish and is the Nordic word for cheers, a salute or a toast. Screenshot from video, see below.

Minnesotans made the Icelandic soccer team’s war cry their own in tremendous style last night and then witnessed the Vikings beat the Green Bay Packers, their arch rivals, 17-14, in the second week of the NFL season.

This was the Vikings first game at the U.S. Bank Stadium , their new home in Minneapolis.

Instead of the “HUH” used by the Icelandic soccer team and its supporters in the war cry, the Vikings bellowed “SKOL” (skál in Icelandic, meaning cheers or a toast). This is a reference to the lyrics of the fight song of the Vikings, "Skol, Vikings", which has been with the team since around the time it was founded in 1961.

The Icelandic version became famous during the European soccer finals in France in June. As we previously reported lots of Vikings fans contacted the team about adopting the Icelandic chant following the viral video of the Icelandic national team and its supporters doing it together.

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To get it going the Vikings enlisted Iceland soccer team captain Aron Gunnarsson and strongman and actor Hafþór "Thor” Björnsson, who plays “The Mountain” in the Game of Thrones, who did a video appearance for a ceremonial handoff.

The launch was a big success and we are sure it’s going to become a pretty amazing tradition in the Twin Cities.



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