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Skógafoss waterfall fenced off to protect grass from tourists

By Staff

  • Protection The fence was put up by rangers from the Environment Agency on Saturday. Photo/The Environment Agency of Iceland.

Rangers from the Environment Agency of Iceland erected a fence by Skógafoss waterfall this weekend to try and protect a patch of grass in front of the waterfall. The large number of tourists visiting Skógafoss has seen a large patch of the grass disappear.

The agency advices there are two walking paths to reach Skógafoss waterfall; one to the west on the bank of the river and another to the east along the hill. The fence will be in place until the grass has had time to recover.

"When there are so many people passing through the area, the grass can no longer handle being walked on," Hákon Ásgeirsson, a ranger from the Environment Agency of Iceland, told local news site

"It's been okay until recently, but now there are so many people coming all year round that the grass doesn't get any respite, not even during the winter time like it used to."

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