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The Simpsons TV series confuse Reykjavík and Keflavík, places Hallgrímskirkja church in Keflavík

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  • Come to Keflavík, home of Hallgrímskirkja church Sometimes it feels everyone is planning a trip to Iceland. Even the Springfield Travel Agency is promoting vacations in Iceland. Photo/Screenshot from video, see below.

The latest episode of the longest running primetime TV series in history, the Simpsons, (episode 20 of season 27, “To Courier with Love”) the audience follows Homer and Marge Simpson to Paris. Prior to going to Paris Homer visits a travel agent. And like any other travel agent on TV the Springfield Travel Agency has posters showing different exotic destinations hanging on its walls. Including Keflavík Iceland. Only problem: The poster shows a picture of Hallgrímskirkja church, which is of course located in Reykjavík.

Several local news sites, including the regional news site, which covers the Reykjanes peninsula, where Keflavík is located, have made fun of the confusion. You can watch the scene at the local news site nú

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Homer confusing Reykjavík with Keflavík (where the international airport is located) is not the first time a foreign celebrity has confused Reykjavík with other locations in Iceland. In 2014 Justin Timberlake performed in a stadium in the municipality of Kópavogur, but seemed to think he was in Reykjavík, repeatedly greeting his audience with “Hello Reykjavík”, thus managing to insult some Kópavogur residents.

To be fair, Kópavogur is a suburb within the greater Reykjavík area, and Keflavík is the location of the International Airport, servicing Reykjavík: The easiest way to see Hallgrímskirkja church is to fly to Keflavík!


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