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Sigourney Weaver meets with Icelandic girl named after one of her most memorable characters

By Staff

  • Two Ripleys meet Sigourney Weaver presents little Ripley Anna Ragnarsdóttir, named after one of ms. Weaver's best known characters, with a small card. Photo/Ragnar Hansson, Facebook.

The American actress Sigourney Weaver met with a four year old Icelandic girl who is named after one of her most memorable characters and one of science fiction’s greatest heroes, Ellen Ripley of the Alien film series. The American actress met with the Icelandic girl, Ripley Anna Ragnarsdóttir and her parents, filmmaker Ragnar Hansson and Melkorka Huldudóttir, at the downtown hotel where she is staying and read a letter she wrote to the four year old girl, signed “Your alien Godmother.”

Ellen Ripley
Signed Ripley Four year old Ripley Anna with the drawing she made of Ellen Ripley and signed herself. Photo/Ragnar Hansson, Facebook

Parents great sci-fi fans
Ragnar told the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service RÚV that his daughter is the only person in Iceland who is named Ripley. The girl is named after Ellen Ripley, as both of her parents are great fans of the classic Alien movies, where Sigourney weaver plays one of the greatest female heroes in Hollywood history. When Ragnar learned that Sigourney Weaver was visiting Iceland he felt he had to meet her. “I just flipped out. I sent out a message on Facebook, telling people I was trying to locate her, and that my daughter just had to meet her.”

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Shortly thereafter Ragnar was on Laugavegur street in Reykjavík, when he saw Sigourney Weaver walking on the other side of the street.

“I almost run out of courage, but then I swallow hard and run across the street and call to her, and say that I am a great fan, and tell her I want to show her something. I pull out my phone and show her a picture of my daughter, explain the name and the Icelandic naming committee, and what we had to do to get her name approved, and that this was the only Ripley in Iceland and that Ripley was our hero.”

Little Ripley to meet with big Ripley

The American actress, and her daughter who she was travelling with, were quite impressed by the story, according to Ragnar, and agreed to meet with Ragnar and his daughter.

Ellen Ripley
Sigourney Weaver and little Ripley Ragnar Hansson thanked the universe for the day and the meeting with their idol. Photo/Ragnar Hansson, Facebook

On Friday the family therefore made a trip downtown to meet with Sigourney Weaver at the hotel where she was staying.  The little girl brought a picture she had drawn of Ellen Ripley, and the actress presented the little Ripley with a card she had written. The envelope read “From: Ripley … To: Ripley”

The actress then sat down with the family and read the card she had written:

“She sits down with us, and she reads this beautiful card she had written to my daughter. But she didn’t read the last line, and I didn’t see that until we got home when I looked closer at the card. That’s when I saw that she had signed the card “Your alien Godmother”, which completely melted our hearts. It made this moment perfect, because it’s pretty amazing that no-other than Ripley calls herself our daughter’s Alien Godmother.”

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