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Show caution: Slippery road conditions in all parts of Iceland

By Staff

Motorists are cationed to drive carefully as all roads outside the capital area, and many residential streets in Reykjavík, are slippery due to ice or snow. The Icelandic Road and Coastal Authority warns that all roads outside the capital region have slippery patches.

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Drivers in West Iceland can expect to experience hail or sleet. Fróðárheiði heath, passing from the south coast of Snæfellsnes peninsula to the north coast, is covered with snow, as are many roads in the Westfjords. Most heaths and mountain roads are covered with snow, making for a difficult passage.

Most roads in North and East Iceland are similarly covered with snow. Drivers in North, East and South Iceland are adviced to show caution due to hail and blowing snow which can make roads slippery. The mountain road over Öxi (road 939) In East Iceland is impasasble due to snow.

For up to date road conditions, head over to the website of the Icelandic Road and Coastal Authority.

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