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Shooting of Bollywood ghost movie in the Westfjords postponed due to lack of snow

By Staff

  • Aerial view of Önunarfjörður A 2 km (1.2 m) long fjord in the northern part of the Westfjords, West Iceland. Photo/Pjetur

The shooting of a Bollywood horror film which was set to begin in Önundarfjörður fjord in the Westfjords next week has been postponed due to lack of snow and a rewriting of the script. A spokesman for the Icelandic production company which was working on the project told the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service RÚV that they had been expecting a 50 actors and crew members from India and Bangladesh.

Lack of snow a major concern
The shooting was postponed at the last minute as the producers decided to make changes to the script. Búi Baldvinsson, a spokesman for the Icelandic production company Hero Productions, which was going to be working on the film in Iceland, told the local news site Vísir that the changes to the script would likely mean more actors would be needed. The other main reason is the weather, he told Vísir. "Then there is the fact that there's no snow in Iceland at present!"

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The movie is expected to present a new departure for Bollywood, as it will include no elaborate dance and song scenes. Instead of the signature Bollywood glamor the movie was to have ghosts and the gloomy and desolate beauty of Icelandic landscapes in the winter. The story revolves around a woman who is possessed by an Icelandic ghost. The only other detail about the movie which has been released is that it involves a "major eruption".

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The number of inhabitants has decreased steadily since the 1960s. In 1964 the number of inhabitants peaked at 550. Currently the number of inhabitants in Önundarfjörður, including the village Flateyri is ca 300. 

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