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Severe weather warning for S.E. Iceland Friday: Hurricane force wind gusts, heavy rain

By Staff

  • Warnings should be taken seriously This RV was destroyed earlier this summer when it was blown off the Ring Road near the village Vík in South Iceland. Photo/Þórir Kjartansson.

The Icelandic Meteorological Office has issued a severe weather warning for S.E. Iceland tomorrow, Friday. A severe gale, with windspeeds exceeding 20 m/s (47 mph), is expected east of the Öræfi region and in the southern parts of the Eastfjords. The region in question extends roughly from the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon in the west to the fjords north of the village Höfn.

The storm will be accompanied by considerable or severe rain. 

Powerful gusts dangerous to RVs, travel trailers
Travellers are adviced to adjust their plans in accordance with the weather. Individual wind gusts are expected to reach hurricane force strength, exceeding 35 m/s (78 mph). Under these conditions drivers can easily lose control of their vehicles, while RVs and cars pulling travel trailers can be blown off the road. Travellers are advised to adjust their travels accordingly.

Read more: German traveller killed when car and camping trailer were blown off Ring Road by storm

Travellers driving RVs or driving cars with travel trailers are advised to show extra caution, as numerous serious traffic accidents have been caused by violent winds blowing RVs or travel trailers off the road. Earlier this month a German traveller died in a fatal car accident in the Öræfasveit region in South East Iceland when the car he was driving was blown off the Ring Road by a violent storm.

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