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Severe weather alert: No travel weather in SE, E, NE Iceland or Central Highlands

By Staff

  • Yellow weather alert No weather for travel in the eastern part of the country. Photo/IMO

  • Storm damage One of the storms of last year left several vehicles parked at Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon in SE Iceland in a sorry state. Photo/Police in S Iceland

Travelers are urged to revise travel plans today afternoon. The Icelandic Meteorological Office has issued a yellow weather alert for South East, East and North East Iceland, as well as the Central Highlands: Severe gale with dangerous localized winds and windgusts is expected today afternoon, Monday.

A southwest and westerly gale, with sustained windspeeds of 15-23 m/s and powerful localized winds and windgusts exceeding 35 m/s, especially near mountains. The IMO warns that the wind can be hazardous for vehicles that are sensitive to wind, RVs, camper vans and travel trailers can be blown off the road in the most powerful gusts.

People are advised to fasten loose items and show caution, tents and loose object can be blown away.

Travelers in the South East are also warned that blowing sand and gravel can cause serious damage to vehicles. Regular rental car insurance does NOT cover damage from sandstorms or gravel blown by the wind. 

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ICE-SAR has issued several travel warnings for today, including a sand storm warning, a warning that there are no hiking conditions on Fimmvörðuháls or Laugavegur hiking routes, and a wind alert for the eastern part of Iceland:

Strong wind from Vík to Vopnafjörður, from Vopnafjörður to Akureyri and in the highlands (worst north of Vatnajökull glacier) today until this afternoon with very strong wind gusts (more than 35 m/s / 78 mph / 126 km/h) near mountains. Secure loose items and use caution on the road!

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