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Several parts of Ring Road in North and North East Iceland closed due to severe weather

By Staff

  • Öxnadalsheiði heath Conditions in low lying areas can be deceptive and deteriorate quickly as you reach higher elevation. Photo/Vilhelm

Due to strong winds, heavy snowfall and dangerous driving conditions the Icelandic Road and Coastal Authority has closed several mountain passes and heaths on the Ring Road in North and North East Iceland. Members of three different ICE-SAR companies spent the night assisting travellers who had gotten stuck on heaths.

Difficult travel conditions in the N and NE
The parts of the Ring Road which have been closed are Öxnadalsheiði, the heath between Skagafjörður and Eyjafjörður fjords, Víkurskarð, a mountain pass between Eyjafjörður fjord and NE Iceland as well as Mývatns- og Möðrudalsöræfi, the stretch of the Ring Road across the Central Highlands in NE Iceland. In addition Vopnafjarðarheiði heath, which connects the Ring Road and the town of Vopnafjörður in NE Iceland, has been closed. 

According to the ICRA driving conditions in North and North East Iceland are difficult. Roads in the north are all icy or covered in snow. Heavy snowfall in East Iceland also reduces visibility. 

Take weather warnings seriously!
During the winter months travellers should always pay close attention to weather and travel alerts. See the website of the Icelandic Meteorological Office for the weather forecast and any weather alerts, and the website for travel alerts issued by ICE-SAR. Travellers heading out on the road should also check road conditions on the website of the Icelandic Road and Coastal AuthorityIRCA webcams can be useful when it comes to getting a feel for road conditions.

Remember that conditions on mountain roads or on heaths can be very different from conditions closer to the coast. 

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