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Serious traffic accident on Ring Road east of Skógafoss waterfall: Expect delays

By Staff

  • Skógasandur The Ring Road crosses Skógasandur, one of the glacial outwash plains of Mýrdalsjökull glacier. Photo/

Four people were injured in a serious traffic accident on the Ring Road east of Skógafoss waterfall shortly after half past one. According to the Police in South Iceland two vehicles who were traveling in opposite directions crashed into one another. None of the four people injured suffered critical injuries.

The accident was less serious than eyewitnesses initially feared. A Coast Guard helicopter, which had been dispatched to airlift the injured to hospital was ordered back to Reykjavík when first responders at the scene had determined none of the people had suffered critical injuries. All four were taken by ambulance to have their injuries treated.

The cause of the accident and the nationality of the people have not been made public.

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