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Seeking shelter from the weather in a cave and in the company of sheep

By Staff

  • Seeking shelter German students travelling in Iceland spent the night in a cave as it was to wet to put up their tent. They got company from sheep also seeking shelter from the torrent of rain. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

The weather conditions around Iceland have kept most travellers inside, yet some of the toughest ones have slept in tents. However, German students in geography who are travelling to Iceland because of their studies decided to seek shelter in Steinahellir cave in the Eyjafjöllum mountain in South Iceland.

Apparently, they were quite comfortable and when asked about the experience by a reporter from Siegfried Arand the geography teacher replied: “It is very expensive to travel here, that is why we sleep in tents. Nonetheless, our tents are quite wet and we decided to spend the night in the cave. It is fine to sleep in the cave since we are all scouts and this is normal for us. Plus, the students will learn”.

Yet, there were not the only ones that had the same idea since some Icelandic sheep also spent the night in the same cave.

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