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Secret Solstice: June 20th-22nd

By Agnes Valdimarsdóttir

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It’s a Music Festival that celebrates the midnight sun at the height of summer in Iceland.

Secret Solstice is a music festival that’s being held for the first time this year. The festival features over one hundred artists both local and international from a various array of musical genres. The artists are not only from various countries focusing on various genres of music, but are also of various stages in their musical careers.

The theme for the music festival is Norse Mythology. Why, you may ask? During the olden days, the summer solstice was a time of bounty in the lives of Nordic nations and a cause for celebration. Norse mythology and religion commonly known as Ásatrú are deeply rooted in Icelandic culture and natural symbolism.

The festival itself is set to deliver a unique party atmosphere filled with great entertainment. The festival is located in Laugardalur Valley, which is a quite central Reykjavik suburb. The area is home to some major sporting events and cultural events; one of Iceland’s largest swimming pools is in the area, a camping ground, and a botanical garden. All in all, something for everybody whilst you take a break from the music.

Now, for those who’d like to live the music and really engage with the festival and the festivities, there is are two camping sites that can be booked through Secret Solstice. On site there are food vendors, various merchants, and (this you’ll love) easy access to showers! Showers are located both on site, and at the wonderful Laugardalslaug Swimming Pool – just a stone’s throw from the festival site. 

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