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Second year in a row Iceland picked as best European destination by UK travellers

By Staff

  • Goðafoss waterfall One of the most beautiful of the "great" waterfalls of Iceland. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson.

Iceland is the second favorite Europe destination for UK travellers, according to the Telegraph Travel Awards. Each year the UK newspaper The Telegraph asks its readers to name their favorite European travel destinations. This year more than 90,000 readers participated in the poll, which is a record number, according to the paper. 

The poll asks the readers about their favorite hotels, airlines and destinations world wide. The Icelandic airline Icelandair came in as the second best short-haul airline, and Iceland came in as second most enjoyable destination in Europe, the second year in a row. 


Goðafoss A dreamlike photo of Goðafoss in the Telegraph 

The top destination in Europe for UK travellers is Italy, while Croatia comes in third.

With a dreamlike photograph of Goðafoss waterfall the Telegraph explains that it is the landscapes, rather than the weather that draws people to Iceland:

At second place for the second year running, this is a very strong performance for a country which was once on the margins of the holiday map. Now more affordable, and easier to get to, this amazing landscape clearly makes a powerful impression readers - despite the weather. The Northern Lights are a big draw here in winter too.

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