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Search for foreign woman, separated from husband while glacier hiking, called off at last minute

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  • Langjökull The second largest glacier in Iceland, Langjökull is a popular destination in the Central Highlands. Photo/Vísir.

Police and Members of Iceland Search and Rescue in South Iceland were called out yesterday after a foreign traveller reported that his wife had gotten lost while the couple was hiking on Langjökull glacier. After unsuccessfully trying to find his wife himself, the man drove from Langjökull to Gullfoss waterfall, where he was able to find cell phone coverage. 

Got separated while hiking alone on the glacier
According to Police in South Iceland the man called police at 18:00 yesterday evening. The man told police that the couple had been hiking on their own on the glacier when they got seperated. He then tried to find his wife, but after he had searched for a while on his own he decided to call for help. Due to extremely spotty and poor cell phone coverage in the Central Highlands he decided to drive south to Gullfoss waterfall where he was able to call the police.

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Officers from the Police in South Iceland met up with the man as well as notifying ICE-SAR of a lost hiker. On their way up to Langjökull ICE-SAR and Police received a call on emergency line from Skálpanes, where a tour company maintains a base. The call came from the woman, who had managed to find her way down from the glacier on her own. She had walked to the Skálpanes camp, which was unmanned as the staff had gone home for the evening. Fortunately she had been able to find an unlocked car with a radio which she used to call for help.

Since the woman was safe down from the glacier the search was called off and the ICE-SAR units which were on their way to the glacier returned home. The man, however, continued to Skálpanes where the couple was reunited. 

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